AC-225 Advanced Scalable Networked Access Controller

AC-225 Datasheet.pdf

AC-225 is suitable for applications with up to 30,000 users across a modular 4092 doors, allowing maximum flexibility for securing a growing enterprise. Each AC-225 access control unit (ACU) supports two readers (In/Out) of various formats including standard Wiegand 26-Bit. Installations can also have one reader per door. The AC-225 is ready for installation with a mountable and lockable metal enclosure integrated with a transformer, power supply/charger, sounder, and control board.



  • Up to 30,000 users with access rights for every panel, across optional 4092 modular doors in a system
  • 20,000, FIFO, history event log, when offline
  • Full intelligent logic interconnection of inputs, outputs, readers, and more
  • Onboard TCP/IP networking (AC-225IP version)
  • Panel supports both 1-door (In/Out) and 2-door (In/Out, In/In and Out/Out) configurations
  • Real-time clock keeps time for up to 2 weeks without power. No batteries to replace.
  • Cable cut tamper detection function for readers, and cover tamper detection for the enclosure
  • Pre-installed enclosure components:
    • Transformer, dual power supply/charger unit for panel and lock devices
    • Sounder unit
    • Space for a 7 AH SLA backup battery
    • Tamper switch
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