Two PIR detectors inside a single housing
The iWISE QUADSEQ G3 has two non-overlapping coverage patterns and two independent alarm outputs. iWISE QUADSEQ G3 is designed to meet UK ACPO DD243 requirements for sequential confirmation, and
also meet PD6662, EN 50131-1 and TS50131-2-2 Grade 3 requirements.
Built-in Triple EOL resistors simplify installation, and active IR anti-masking provides reliable detection
of masking attempts.

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  • Two PIR detectors in a single housing with separate alarm outputs
  • Two non-overlapping coverage patterns
  • Coverage 12m
  • Active IR Anti-Mask
  • Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable


The iWISE QUADSEQ G3 provides a reliable solution for installations that have to meet both Grade 3 and DD243 requirements for sequential confirmation in a single room.
iWISE QUADSEQ G3 contains two independent detectors in a single housing. When mounted in the corner of a room, one detector covers the two walls (side area), while the second detector covers the center of the room. When an intruder enters the room via a door or window, the side area triggers.
When the intruder then moves to the center of the room, the second detector triggers, providing a sequentially confirmed alarm according to DD243 requirements.


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